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Justin's Story

Have you ever met someone who did not count the days of their life but made the days of their life count? For years Chris Wall taught Justin Sullivan, and his student quickly became one of the greatest teachers in his life. Justin had a big future ahead of him, particularly when talking about his future baseball career. Tragically, the day after being named the 2002 Baseball Player of the Year in Oklahoma, he died. Tires broke off a semi-truck trailer, crossing the median, killing him instantly and injuring his friends.

Preparing for his funeral, Chris discovered his journal. Inside was wisdom that far surpassed his age. Justin was a giant of the faith at eighteen years old. His legacy is what inspired this ministry that shared the gospel on and off baseball fields for fourteen years. In this fifteenth season, we have handed off the baseball and hung up the cleats to steward a call to the hurting. Join us as we discover stories of genuine faith.

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Our Story

Five years after Justin's death, we started a competitive baseball team to play in his honor called the Ambassadors. The team played across the United States every summer and played in another country at the end of the season. From 2007 to 2021, the players shared Justin's story and explained the hope Justin had in Jesus after every game.


Now we focusing on our podcast, Time With Giants, to help people through their own grief and loss with the hope of the gospel. Our goal is to inspire people to walk closer with God through both the highs and lows of life.

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